Monday, May 18, 2015

4 weeks out!

So, I'm 4 weeks out as of this past Friday and I'm getting really excited! And nervous, and anxious lol. I always start to second guess things the closer I get to a show. I guess because the closer you get, the less time there is to make any changes if needed.
This prep had been, by far, the hardest one I've ever done. I've had other seasons where things were busy, but this one has been a huge mental game. But I haven't let anything stop me yet....I'm not about to start😉
The weather has finally been getting warmer (and actually staying warm). Which I love because I can start sweating out all the water I hold, lol. I think people think I joke when I tell them I hold water like a camel. I drink a ton, but I end up holding a ton too. Boo!😢 But when the weather heats up, that all changes. It's kinda gross but I feel good knowing I'm not holding it!

So other than contest prep and trying to be wonder woman😉 nothing too exciting is going on with me at the moment.
I'm actually at the gym now, but then I have to go to the fruit market, home to clean, cook, prep meals, and pot my tomatoes🍅 Then back to the gym later for cardio.
Hope everybody had a great weekend!

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Tenecia said...

I'M EXCITED!!!!!!!